Monday, May 23, 2011

Relief for Joplin and All Over

I've changed the regularly scheduled Awareness for today to add in the American Red Cross. I'm pretty sure the authors won't mind at all.

In case you're a lot like me and barely listen to the news--a tornado hit a few different spots in the midwest yesterday, one spot--Joplin--was decimated. So far, there are 89 people dead and many more missing.

I urge everyone who comes to the blog today to donate to the relief effort there. Please send this blog out, help me draw awareness to the need of the families, and in return, I'm offering all the people who visit and comment a free book today and tomorrow only.


Giveaways: (Winners will be announced on Wednesday.)

Paranormal Romance and Erotic Romance Author Allure Van Sanz (Any book you choose.)
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Erotic Author Em Woods Print Book Saddle Up N Ride
Erotic Author Brindle Chase EBook copy of The Grass is Always Greener
Erotic Author Megan Hussey EBook copy of Love Revisited: Judith and Prince Valentin

Winners from these Giveaways

NYSVARA Winners:

one (1) .pdf ebook of Hyphema - Sun Singer

one (1) .pdf ebook of Final Sin - Em Woods

It Gets Better Giveaway Winners:

Erotic M/M author Em Woods EBook - Eyre

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Domestic Violence Giveaway Winners:

Erotic Author Megan Hussey eBook Angel on Fire - Debbie Laurie

Erotic Romance Author Nichelle Gregory is giving away a free ecopy of Hearts & Diamonds - Dawne P

Erotic Romance Author Em Petrova is giving away a free ecopy of a book in her Immortal Series titled Runes and Trefoi - Talina Perkins


Madelina said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for being so socially conscious! I'm going to definitely share this through my Facebook page and I'm going to also tell my friends through word of mouth today. If I'm picked as the winner, could you please let me know, but donate my book to the library or a senior center (a lot of seniors do love to read and they make you laugh at their blunt comments!). My donating my possible win is one of the few ways I can help. Seriously, you're awesome for doing this!!!

Reanna said...

This is so awesome thank you for doing this... Joplin has been hit really hard and my cousin is unaccounted for her name is Rebecca Coslow used to be Rebecca Rider....

email is Reannabartley(at)

AllureVanSanz said...

The books will be ebooks, Madelina, but I'll see what I can do. I can probably send swag today instead, or find a print copy of a book and I'll save you the suspense...EVERYONE is a winner. Everyone gets a book just for coming today.

Reanna--my heart dropped when I read your post. Stories like these are exactly why I felt the need to do something. Keep me in the know about Rebecca and be strong. There's such mayhem out there right now, and no way to communicate, be positive.


Helen said...

Hey Allure i'm doing the donation next.. My heart goes out to thoese affected in Joplin i have a few distant cousins out there as well as a family friend.. Amanda, her husban and there new set of twins were injured whent the tornado hit there apartment... There all alive and togeather and thats all that truely matters...

merriedth said...

It is hard to believe all the lives that have been lost just to tornados this year. and i thank you for taking the time to help the red cross. to thelp those in need...
thank you

therese gilardi said...

kudos for helping out - i love that picture you have of the red cross.

SammyJo Hunt said...

Great cause, Allure! You're so kind to reach out and help others. I'm very impressed.


Chelle Cordero said...

I watched the storm damage reports about Joplin last night and shuddered. Ironically I have a scene in my book Hyphema where Matt, a paramedic, responds to a town decimated by tornadoes - it is very frightening and I pray for the people affected. Thank you Red Cross for always being there.


Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

This is awesome ROCK GIRL ! *S*

Tweeted & posted on Facebook and Blogged this to pass it on. A little late in the day I know but I had a long drive into Fairbanks today, and we are dealing with forest fires on the mountain across from my mountain...
But I will continue to retweet...wish I could do more but distance is a pain when your too far away. Already donated to Red Cross, and ther are some community things going on up here for fund raisers as well.

Thanks for all that you do!


June M. said...

What a great way to raise awareness. The weather lately has hit alot of areas very hard, what with storms, tornados, floods, and so on. The Red Cross does so much for victims of these disasters and that is amazing. Thank you so much for drawing attention to this.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for blogging about this terrible tragedy. I just can't believe it even happened. Our hearts go out to all the people involved.

Marilyn Baron

(This comment will sign in as Anonymous because I can never get the Google comments to post)

Reanna said...

Just wanted to give you an update We did get ahold of my cousin Rebecca. She is safe her house was in the main area of the tornado and it's fine all the houses around hers are gone ;( and she works at the other hospital I can't remember the name now. She went to a church so she could charge her phone and was finally able to call us and let us know her and her family are ok they are really rattled right now I can't imagine anyone not being rattled by such a terrible tragedy. We are doing all we can to help out there..