Sunday, March 29, 2009

Checking out Authonomy with my alter ego, VGClearwater. Murder Creek chapters uploaded. Vote if you like it! Spread the word.
I'm in a bad mood. What do you think my chances are of writing a hot sex scene? Someone's going to get hurt!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Setting up and testing my If it doesn't work, I'm going to lie and say I was drunk.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update, Announcement, And Excerpt

I sent in a request for the cover art on From The Ruins, so I'm excited to see it. Afterwards the editing process will begin. I still don't have a release date but hope to soon.

I have a few WIPs I'm working on but have decided to focus on the M/M/F erotic titled Lion's Share. I'll be posting an excerpt and hope that it peaks some interest.

It's a shifter fantasy set in Africa where Jayna's safari tour goes horribly wrong. All that stands between her and a bloody end is a pair of woman-starved lion shifters who believe she is the last woman on Earth that either of them is allowed to have.

Zar and Sahm each feel Jayna belonged to them, but neither is willing to risk the love they have for each other over a woman. What else is to be done, then, except to share the catch of the day?

The real question? Can they keep her alive long enough to enjoy the delicacies of her flesh, or will they lose their one last chance at having a mate to call their own?

Excerpt: Lion's Share (Unedited and X-rated.)

Sahm and his lover were a part of her. Their need as loud to her as if they announced it. She could fill the void that radiated from them. She could be the receptacle of their burning lust, and emotional need.

Had they been calling to her all along? From a great distance? It certainly felt that way. Why else had she suffered long, lifelike dreams of the lions? Why else this obsession to go on a safari just to see one?

And why else would she cave to the obsession to watch now what logically she should be running away from?

Try as he might, Sahm could not fit the entire phallus into his mouth. His head tilted from side to side yet still, he gagged before all nine inches of throbbing man reached its full into his throat.

You will take it all tonight, Sahm.

Zar…you are too swollen,
Sahm whimpered and Jayna suspected it was all a game. Zar, the elder, wasn’t too swollen for Sahm, but Sahm wanted to tease, looking for some retaliation perhaps?

I don’t wish to hear excuses. On your back.

Sahm scrambled to comply, flipping to his back and inadvertently giving Jayna a full view of his magnificence. He still had a boyish pudge to his muscles. Not quite as defined as Zar but still prominent, with only the slightest lining of fat left still to burn. In time his body would be bulkier than Zar’s and even more sculpted, but for now he was the essence of youth, and Jayna could see why Zar had picked him as a mate.

Or gone gay for him. If that’s what had happened.

Now in the submissive position Zar obviously preferred, Sahm opened his mouth, sticking his tongue passed his lips in invitation. Jayna watched in fascination as Zar grabbed hold of his erection and dipped it inside Sahm’s willing mouth.

Holy Mary. She practically jumped in surprise, not realizing her hand had slid over her sex, pushing into the apex of her jeans until the knot of fabric rubbed over her taut clit. It was hard not to masturbate watching the men thoroughly enjoy their sex play. What woman in her right mind could be unaffected by these two?

Zar’s muscle-hardened ass pumped his cock into Sahm’s face while the younger reached down to his tense shaft and jerked it. He rubbed at the angry tip as it oozed liquid heat, smearing the sticky precome over his veiny girth. Not as long as Zar, but a little thicker with the promise of a good stretch. Oh and she needed one of those!
Her hand increased its speed, watching as Sahm too worked himself over more fiercely. The sounds of his pumping ministrations matched only by the slapping of Zar’s heavy sack against his smooth chin.

Without warning Zar popped his cock out of Sahm’s mouth, masturbating it as he hovered his balls over Sahm’s puffy lips. Lick my balls, Sahm. Taste the essence of what you are about to receive.