Friday, February 18, 2011

Paying it forward.

Sometimes, no matter how busy an author gets, we need to be reminded to get back into the helping frame of mind. Giving another writer a quick one chapter edit, or judging a contest and giving good feedback, are two ways that I love to try and give a little back.

I owe my success so far to people who have taken a moment to tell me "You can't do that." "You have a passive voice, fix it!" I joined a contest about four years ago, my first one ever, and I remember being told "your hero is a jerk".

I was devastated. My hero is NOT a jerk! But it wasn't until I got over myself and listened to feedback, that I improved and received my first contract.

Now even though I received a contract, the book still needed a lot of work. Noble Romance saw potential in me. The editors took the time to point out my bad habits and by the time I was writing my second book for them, the red marks resembled an occasional hickey instead of a Dexter crime scene.

I'm pretty excited to say, the last critique I received from an editor, was followed by a comment that I write "clean". CLEAN??

WOOT! Clean.

I wouldn't have ever been called a clean writer without fellow writers pointing out the dirt. Now I have no idea if me pointing out what I see as incorrect in a contest or to my critique partner is appreciated, but I can only go by what was helpful to me, and hope to pay some of that forward.

So if you haven't volunteered or taken a moment to look over somebody's should. If you don't think it's beneficial to you...well...just think of karma. ::grins:: That's what I have to do when I start thinking I'm just too busy to help out.

All my best!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tomorrow's Tragic Blog

Tomorrow I'll be visiting NobleAuthors (at) blogspot(dot) com to talk about tragedy. I have to admit, I love a book that can make me cry and tomorrow I explain why I think that is.

Sure, I love books that make me laugh, too, but it takes a lot more emotion in a book to make me openly weep. And usually, it has something to do with relating, although I am quite empathetic.

I hope you'll join me tomorrow and share your own thoughts on tragedies.

All my best,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Valentine's Day gift!

Noble Romance is throwing a contest where the winner will get a free Kindle! How cool is that?

The winner is drawn from a magical turban...or it could be a fast food bag, I don't know. Either way, in order to get your name in there as much as possible, you need to go to and at the bottom of the page, subscribe to the newsletter. Voila! One entry.

You get an automatic entry if you already belong so no worries!

You can ALSO get entries by buying books from now until February 13th, and if they happen to be one of mine...yay! LOL

Lastly, you can write a review for Noble Romance books you've purchased and get another entry. Of course, they have to be reviews that show you've actually read the book. As much as all authors would appreciate a succinct "I love this book!" it won't count for an entry into the contest. Submit your reviews on Noble Romance's Facebook here:

So there you have it! Get your read-on! Get your review-on and hopefully you can get your Kindle On!

All my best wishes of luck!