Thursday, April 28, 2011

May Project Awareness Giveaway News

(AUTHORS: It is not too late to donate or do a write-up for a charity. Anything that says introduction TBA is available. If there is something already taken that you wish to do a write-up on, just let me know, we can fit it in. DONATE BOOKS or SWAG: It's not too late! Up until May 4th I'll be taking donations and placing books & swag with charities. If you want to ADD A CHARITY: You must be willing to do a write-up. Thank you so much to those who already donated and please don't forget to send me your links to your website and/or blog so I can promote you. I love all you generous, kind, people. Thank you, thank you, thank you. )

Beginning May 6th and lasting until June 1st, romance and erotic authors from all types of venues (print, Ebook, indie) are coming together to help bring awareness to conditions that affect us all. The human spirit is such a beautiful thing to witness, and I’d like to thank everyone who helped pull this together. Authors who donated books, swag, and even their time to do write-ups—you are pure souls, and I am humbled by your generosity.

Giveaway rules and participation: Each day a cause of a human condition is highlighted. There will be a discussion and a link to the chosen charity for donation. Participants do NOT need to donate to win the giveaway…though I hope you do. ;) Simply add your thoughts to the comments and you will be eligible. (The authors and myself would appreciate guests forwarding the link to their friends and family for further exposure/awareness, as that is the reason for these giveaways and every little bit helps.) The winners will be announced on the next awareness blog below the charity link for that day’s blog. The only exception is the May 31st blog. The winner on that day will be announced on the June 1st blog, which will round up the May events.

Who is coming when, who is giving what, and the charities list: (Editing as the donations come in)

All dates are in May:

6th – St. Jude’s ( ) Introduction by Allure Van Sanz.
Allure Van Sanz T-shirt
Indie YA author Amanda Brice giving away her YA ebook CODENAME: DANCER
Children’s Author Margaret Rose giving away a free, autographed copy of her children’s book First Spring.

7th – American Heart Association ( and Children’s Heart Link ( Introduction by Allure Van Sanz
Allure Van Sanz T-shirt
Erotic Romance Author Brindle Chase Ebook Trading Up
Erotic Romance Author Brindle Chase Ebook The Grass is Always Greener

9th – Diabetes Action ( Action for Healthy Kids ( Introduction: TBA
Allure Van Sanz Ebook (Your choice)
Author Lisa Beth Darling’s Ebook Dream Weaver
Author Fiona McGier’s print copy of Secret Love

12th – American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Assoc. ( Introduction by KevaD and Special Guest
Allure Van Sanz Ebook (your choice)
Allure Van Sanz T-shirt,
Erotic Author KevaD eBook Sunday Awakening

13th – Autism Research Institute ( Introduction TBA
M/M Regency era Author Ava March eBook His Client
Romance Author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy’s Paranormal Romance Love Tattoo

14th – Colon Cancer Alliance ( Introduction by Pattie Shenberger
Author Patti Shenberger giving away a print copy of The Laird’s Lady.
Erotic author Avril Ashton’s Ebook Secret Cravings

16th – American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association ( Introduction by Allure Van Sanz
Romance and Erotic Romance Author Allure Van Sanz Ebook (Your choice)
Indie Author Dana Taylor giving away a copy of her eBook Devil Moon

18th – Citizen’s United for Research in Epilepsy ( Introduction TBA
Erotic Author Megan Hussey eBook copy of Love Revisited: Judith and Prince Valentin
Erotic Author Brindle Chase Ebook copy of Trading Up

20th – It Gets Better Project ( The Trevor Project ( Introduction by Stephani Hecht
Erotic M/M author Em Woods eBook.
Erotic M/M author Stephani Hecht eBook

21st – Shelter Our Sisters ( ) Sunrise of Pasco County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center ( ) Introduction by Ruth Seitelman
Historical Fantasy Author Ruth Seitelman Tea cup and saucer in shape of a heart for Shelter Our Sisters
Erotic Author Megan Hussey eBook Angel on Fire.

23rd – Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Society ( Introduction TBA
Erotic Author Em Woods Print Book Saddle Up N Ride
Erotic Author Brindle Chase The Grass is Always Greener

25th – The ALS Association ( Introduction by Lyra Totten-Naylor
Indie Author Kally Sten eBook Fangs and Lullabies,

27th – American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ( )Depression and Suicide To Write Love On Her Arms ( Introduction by J.S. Wayne
Allure Van Sanz T-Shirt,
J.S. Wayne gift TBA

28th – Breast Cancer Research Foundation ( Introduction by Lindsay Klug
Historical Author Evangeline Collins Print Book Seven Nights to Forever
Lindsay Klug’s Ebook The Life and Times of Delila

30th – Alzheimer’s Foundation of America ( Introduction by Allure Van Sanz
Allure Van Sanz eBook (Your choice)
Indie Author Dana Taylor giving away a copy of her eBook Devil Moon.

31st – Bone Marrow Registration ( Introduction by Allure Van Sanz
Allure Van Sanz T-shirt
Brindle Chase Ebook Trading Up
Brindle Chase Ebook The Grass is Always Greener

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For Debbie...

I love my fans...

I'm working on increasing the number so I don't feel I'm stretching the limits when I use the plural of fan. LOL But, in all sincerity, I'll never forget those who've been around from the beginning of my career, and those who are the most vocal.

Debbie is one of these.

So when she asks me what I'm working on, telling me to hurry so she can have another one of my books...I'm inspired. I start working. And to prove to her just how much her support means--I'm posting a sneak peek of what I'm working on in honor of her.

::big hugs:: I'd love to hear your thoughts, good or bad.

Excerpt below,
All my best,

Introducing the early version of my WIP: My Savage Taking (My first erotic in first person.)

Chapter One

Pulse pounding, I rose from my chair near the hearth and walked to my window. I peeked out of the hole in my shutters, but couldn’t see anything. My panic rose, but I reminded myself how often random sounds in the night were only animals foraging for food. Still, in these uncertain times, with the South fallen and the North taking over, I knew I’d do best to send out my dog.

I crept to the door and opened it just enough to peer out and let Joe search the grounds. I still didn't see a thing, but Joe’s head lifted in warning, and like a shot from a shotgun, he barreled into the woods a few feet from my dilapidated porch.

I strained to hear news of his attack, pacing as I teetered between wanting to go out with him to help keep him safe, and blinding fear.

Joe found something, for I heard rustling and could see the faint outline of something moving. And then nothing.

The Silence haunted me. I couldn’t even hear Joe running through the brush any more.

“Joe?” I whistled for him, but he didn’t heed my call. Oh gods! I contemplated going to fetch him, and then thought better of it. Whatever took him down was sure to do the same to me, and without the aid of light, I’d be an easy kill.

I looked to the sky, searching for the promise of dawn, but finding only the pitch. The sun hadn’t finished its turn. Damn.

My fear for my dog warred with the urge to run into the house and bar myself in. Even if I found him lying hurt somewhere I wouldn’t be able to lift him. My arms were too sore from hanging deer meat in the smoke shed after a successful morning hunt. The work had been hard and grueling, harder than I’d thought and my body paid the price of my ignorance.

Everything was harder now that I was completely alone.

I closed the door and ran to the corner of the room where my shotgun waited, cursing my husband with every step. If he hadn’t run off to join the Confederates a year earlier, I wouldn’t have need of a shotgun.

We were supposed to be making a good life for ourselves. Brandford had been so sure the trapper’s life would bring in a fortune with his skills, and I, if I married him, would want for nothing.

That plan died the day Bradford’s friends left the fort, and him along with them.
At least he’d taught me how to shoot and how to trade furs, but as the months passed, the activity at the fort dwindled, and supplies were lacking. Most of the essentials were given over to the Union.

When I learned any furs I traded aided the army my husband fought against, I ceased trading for money. Not out of love, for there was none in my heart for Bradford, but out of a sense of self preservation.

My husband knew I didn’t support the Confederate cause. I’d been foolish enough to let that bit slip and received several swats on my backside because of it. If he came home and discovered I’d helped supply the Union soldiers, I imagined he’d do more than take a switch to me. So instead of money for my furs, I traded for food and other supplies I needed to survive.

Like bullets.

I checked the barrels to make sure they were loaded, and then pushed a few errant strands of my hair behind my ear. With a sigh, I made my way back toward the door, having no other choice than to face the danger alone.

Bradford left me to this, and now, whatever fate lay outside, was mine to deal with.

Most likely, I was about to be attacked by savages. They’d kill my chickens and goat in hopes that I’d run off just like my neighbors. Well, I wasn’t going anywhere. I couldn’t afford to.

With my shotgun in hand, I squared my shoulders, and opened the door again.

Were it not for the clouds, I would’ve been able to see, but only the candles from inside my cabin illuminated the area, which—with the shutters mostly closed—wasn't much. I stepped a few paces away from my porch, but lost the nerve to go further.

I wanted to call out a warning to whoever lingered in the darkness, but wondered if he—or even they (for I had heard they traveled in war parties)—would understand a word of my English. Raising my shotgun to nothing in particular, I tried to look threatening, believing if they saw I was serious, they wouldn't bother with me.

I listened.

My shotgun bounced in my trembling hands.

Well? Where was the attack?

The crickets near me stopped chirping, and my streak of bravado left me for dead.

I backed toward my cabin again, thinking I would have a better chance inside with walls surrounding me instead of standing out in the open, begging for an arrow to the chest.

The hairs at the back of my neck prickled, and I rushed the last few steps through the door.

A hand grabbed my arm and pulled me the rest of the way through the threshold and into my home. I shrieked and tried to turn toward my attacker to get in a scratch or two, but I didn’t have control over my body. My weight slammed the door closed as my chest was pushed hard against it, and I could feel my only weapon pinned between me and the solid oak. My enemy plucked the shotgun out from beneath my breasts and tossed it across the floor, a good distance away.

Now, even if I managed to move, I’d have nothing to fight him off with. Nothing.

Tears stung my eyes as all sorts or horrible images of what my attacker would do clouded my calm.

He’s going to kill me…he’s going to kill me.

Jerking me around to face him, my gaze absorbed only muscled, bronzed chest. Oh no…The blood drained from my face and rushed into my chest. A savage. Bloodthirsty and…saying something under his breath, drawing my attention to his face.

I almost gasped, confronted by exotic perfection. Arrogant nose, high cheeks, and a strong jaw. Fierce.

He wasn't painted like I heard they were when they went raiding, and he looked to be alone. He looked at me as if he was as fascinated by my gray eyes as I was by his dark browns. Earth-colored-—no, darker, like healthy soil after a rain.

I heard him unsheathe a blade, and when I would’ve screamed, he held just the tip to my throat and shook his head.

Messaged received. Besides, screaming wouldn’t bring anyone to my rescue.

He took a step back and glanced from the crackling hearth to the small dining table nearby, and a quick look given the doorway toward my bedroom. I knew he was making sure no one else was around and when his search came back to me his lips twisted with something close to amusement. A language barrier between us, perhaps, but I knew a mocking smile when I saw one. He found it humorous someone had left a perfectly good white woman behind for him to harass.

For some reason, this made me want to smack his face and damn the consequences. After all, he came here to kill me, what did it matter if I rushed his intentions?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My First Six Sentence Sunday!

Meet Shyin Long, aka Ice, from Murder Creek, in this six sentence excerpt:

No doubt about it, the whores on the corner were forming a lynching party.

In two minutes, they’d call in their homicidal gang-banger pimps and her half-Finnish, half-Asian ass would be turned into bullet pulp. Or quite possibly burnt rump roast.

“Hey, uhm, just, waitin’ for a ride and all. Not stayin’,” Shyin Long mumbled, doing her best to sound non-threatening.

The prostitutes, of course, were taking her excuse and distance, as a sign of weakness, filling the air with the stench of doom.


Head back to Six Sentence Sunday:

Friday, April 15, 2011

May Awareness Updates


Not only have I received a lot of really great suggestions for causes and charities to link to, but authors have come from everywhere to offer up their time (in doing write ups for their conditions), but their books. Ebooks, print books, and swag.

I'm truly humbled by the generosity.

Because of this, instead of doing four weekends with four different charities...I'm covering them all!

How I ever thought I could draw names out of a hat...I don't know. I thought maybe I'd get about six cause suggestions and I'd cover the two that didn't make it on another day with their own small giveaways...but SHEESH...

I'm getting permission from the charities still, so I can't mention the organizations, but these are the conditions we'll be covering.

Colon Cancer
Children's Cancer and Lymphoma
Bone Marrow Registration
Depression and Suicide
Dementia and Alzheimer's
Heart Disease
Child Abuse
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Domestic Violence
Muscular Dystrophy
GBLT Rights
Type 2 Diabetes

It's not too late to get your cause mentioned!
Side Note: All animal and nature causes will come at a later time. May is going to be all human focused with the exception of animal causes that aid humans such as dogs for the blind and therapy animals. (Two causes I might add even though no one has suggested them. lol)

Again, thank you to everyone who has donated their time and their books and swag to this little awareness event. I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me.

It feels do good.

All my best,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Awareness

May 12th is Fibromyalgia Awareness day. It's a day that is very important to me, since I was diagnosed a little over three years ago. I'd never heard of the condition before, and I was very angry when I was given the label, as it is only given to people who test negative for everything else. I was angry. I wanted answers. I wanted someone in a lab coat working tirelessly to find a cause for what was happening to me, a test that could confirm what was happening to me, and dammit--find a cure! Fix me!

Every day for the first six months after my diagnosis, I was convinced the doctors diagnosed me wrong. No one can feel this much pain and not be dying. I lamented. I withdrew. I cried every night feeling sorry for myself.

I'll talk more about what pulled me out of my funk on my Noble blog post on May 11th, but suffice it to say, there were a few other factors leading to my rise from pain into a world where I'm going for it! Living my life, bettering my existence.

One of those inspiring factors was a commercial for St. Jude's.

How dare I sit here, having lived over thirty years, experiencing the world, traveling, loving, having a child...and feeling sorry for myself when children are dying. Children!

I knew such shame. Shame on me for focusing on myself and my sore knees and migraines and...Okay, I have a right to lament and fight for Fibro Awareness and research--but my condition is not the only one out there. I don't want to just fight for one cause, I want to fight for as many as I can. But how?

Not having a cape or special's my plan. May is going to be Awareness month here. Not just Fibro, but any cause. I want to help shed light on conditions and/or diseases that might not get attention very often, and even the big ones that need more and more funding because of just how many people suffer.

I'm asking YOU, to send me an email at authorallurevansanz (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me about a cause you'd like to see receive some Awareness! If you'd like to do the write up for it with a personal story, I'm all for that, too. (You can remain anon if you like.)

Every weekend in May, I will be posting a blog on a Random cause (drawn from the hatbox), complete with a link to a charity tied with the cause for donations. I encourage everyone to donate, and I personally will be making a 20.00 donation to each winning charity.

To draw people to the blog for Awareness, every weekend starting May 6th, I'll be picking winners for free ebooks, free Allure Van Sanz T-shirts, and 10.00 Amazon gift cards.

Side Note: At the end of May, the causes that were not selected will still have their day. Their donation links will be posted--complete with a paragraph description--on the last day winners are announced for the gift certificate prizes.

Let's help spread the knowledge this May and help raise money for the greater good.

Thank you so very much for coming to read and get more details on Project Awareness.

FELLOW AUTHORS: If you'd like to donate an ebook for the weekend give-aways, please send me an email with the book title you'll be giving away.

All my best to you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Contest Winners & What's Next

Thank you so much, to everyone who showed up and entered. Especially those who went out of their way to be everywhere! I appreciate you all.

From out of the daughter pulled:

Grand Prize - (T-shirt and a free copy of Love Revisited) Darcy! (I'll need your shipping address to send the shirt out. Send address to my email )

Allure's Blog Winner (T-Shirt) Desere (Likewise, will need your shipping address)
Allure's Blog Winner (Free E-book) Kelley
Noble Author's Blog Winner (T-Shirt) Alexa (And again...gimme some addy lovin!)
Michelle Mile's Blog Winnder (Free E-book) Cindy (send a message with the email you wish your prize to be sent.)

Honor Prize: Joey -- A choice between Handling Gwen or From The Ruins (Send me an email with your choice.)
Triple Crown Winner from the yahoo loop on Sunday: jms79

(T-shirt winners have three days to send me their info. If for some reason you're nervous about giving your address out, you may swap your prize for an ebook.)

Coming in May. Another contest! But this one has little to do with books, and everything to do with what YOU the reader, supports. Curious? Keep your eyes open in the next few weeks for a contest that's so very important, it's going to take me two weeks to run it!

Thank you, again, to all my participants. I love you and your support, and can only hope you allow me to continuously entertain you with my stories.

All my best,
Allure Van Sanz

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Book Contest!

Guess what's coming out on Monday?

That's right, my newest release--which means I'll be running all kinds of contests this weekend. I'm going to run one here, for a free copy of my book Love Revisited: Davit & Jenova. All you have to do is respond, let me know you're out there and reading my post. Simple right?

There are other ways to win as well. I'll be on the Noble Romance Publishing yahoo email loop all day on Sunday, causing trouble and running contests--giving away free ebooks and a T-Shirt. Come join me by copying and pasting this link:

Also, stop by on Monday and say hi to me there as well to be eligible for a free ebook and a T-Shirt!

But that's not all! I'll be doing my first guest blog ever at the lovely Michelle's blog on Tuesday April 5th over at:

I'm in the giving mood! And looking to reward readers who love Love!

And don't forget, there's also a .99 cent read up on Amazon and B&N. A full-length novel I think you'll all enjoy! Search for Murder Creek and add one more book to your "To be read" pile.

As always, I appreciate your support--now let me reward it! Leave a comment. Winners will be announced Tuesday April 5th.

Allure Van Sanz