Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Handling Gwen Sold!

No longer the one ebook wonder, I sold Handling Gwen to Noble Romance. The contract goes out tomorrow, so I have no real details to hand out yet, but I will sneak in the blurb.

From The Ruins contest is over and done and the final two winners were Patti S. And Stephanie with an E.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated and hope those who didn't win will still give my book a try!

As promised, here is the new erotic blurb for Handling Gwen :

New to the teaching staff, young Mr. Pierce has a problem. One of his senior students is trying to seduce him, and to make matters worse, he wants her to. Gwen is the type of woman who takes what she wants and he admires that. Unfortunately she decides to take…pictures. In a moment of weakness, he falls prey to her wicked ways and is horrified when he hears the telling “click” of her cell phone. Now, it is up to him to save his career and take control of the situation by Handling Gwen.

All my best!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Squeee for Eeee's!

*This post is subject to the last week of the free ebook contest.

Recently, I've begun to bring my laptop everywhere I go. From planes to RWA chapter meetings to doctor's appointments and trips to the park. Nowhere is safe from me and my laptop.

I also have Fibromyalgia, so lugging heavy things can make it virtually impossible to type.

So how can I heft my laptop around AND keep my arms from falling out of their shoulder sockets?

I was gifted with an Eee PC.

I would have to say that this lightweight alternative to the big laptops is a must have for all writers on the go, like me.

But it might not be fore everyone. Here is a list of Pros and Cons so that if you are thinking about getting a mini, or an Eee or whatever else they call these pocket notebooks, you can decide if it is worth the money. I know I find it a valuable asset, but I don't speak for everyone.


-Lightweight (around 3-6 lbs depending on which size you get. I have the 10 inch.)
-Portable Even with the 10 in, I can fit it in my bag and take it anywhere. Of course I now have a special bag for it so I carry all my personal items in my laptop bag.
-Battery Life - Mine is supposed to last for 7 hours. It lasts for about 5-6. (They say it depends on what you do with it as well. I notice if I play a movie on it, the battery time goes down.) Still 5-6 hours is nice when you're on a plane. Just don't go overseas and expect it to last the whole flight. lol

-Smaller keyboard - Do you have big fingers? You'll probably hate the smallest ones but in my opinion, if you can learn to text, you can learn the keyboard. It just might take you a few days and a few mistakes.
-Typos - I seem to make more of them. Most mistakes correct themselves but I notice I do two spaces often and it doesn't auto correct those. Annoying!
-Mouse - I'm constantly hitting the pad and typing about three to four sentences north of where I want to be. Hopefully, I'm not looking away while typing. (Something I do when I'm trying to keep a description fresh.) When I look back at my work, it can look like a jumbled mess. Annoying x 3! I learned to shut the darned thing off.
-No CD/DVD drive. USB ports only. I don't find this detrimental but some writers do.

Despite the typos and the mouse fiasco, the smaller keyboard was manageable after a few weeks practice so for me, there are no cons.

Hope this helps in your decision to by the newest trend or pass on it.

All my best,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog Snobbery

I've titled this piece Blog Snobbery because the main example I'm going to use is about blog comment requests, but there are many types of promotional snobbery that has me irked this morning, so I'm going to be a little Rantasaurus Rex.

On Facebook, I receive requests asking me to visit blogs and come check out the subject du jour every day. I don't mind this, because we're all trying to get our readership up or new friends and networks. The only way to do that is to invite like crazy. I receive blognetworking requests and I accept every one of them.

Or should I say...I used to accept every one of them. I'm tired of the non-reciprocating snobbery of blog comments, follows, etc.

"I have a blog, you should all come visit me and comment." Well that's just great, except I've been sending out emails and asking for people to come by and comment and I haven't seen this person come by and say hi to me. Not once! I've been bribing with free copies of my ebook and sending out requests to everyone and making a point to visit the blogs of those who have come to mine.

When I get requests to comment or read on a loop where someone is asking for visitors (if I'm home or when I get home) I comment.

Now, with my local RWA chapter, the return comments of those I have supported and commented on are pretty decent. On all my other loops...the support is practically nil. I can think of one woman who constantly goes out of her way to support people she knows only in passing and Rie, I thank you for your generosity.

I belong to 20 loops to date and the reciprocation for when you visit and comment is horrendous. Even on Facebook when someone says something to me, I try to respond each time. Some fall through the cracks, but mostly because I don't check my Facebook often, but blogs and the like? Emails? I always do my best to respond but it seems I'm more of the exception than the rule.

So ask yourself this one question... Do I give as much as I take promotionally? And I'm not talking about visiting the blogs of your dearest friends or blogs that promote your work. Those become a responsibility not something you participate in out of a show of support or respect for fellow authors.

If all you do is visit places that promote you and your closest friends' blogs where you guest etc...then you're not a reciprocator, your a promotional whore.

We're all guilty of it, but sometimes you need to step outside the "you factor" and do something that isn't about self promotion. Ironically, putting your name out there and showing support to others IS a form of promotion. So do yourself a favor and step out of the "mememe" haze and take a look around once and a while.

There are great people out there, going out of their way to stop by and say hi to you. If you can't even afford them the same courtesy then let's face it, you're a self-centered jerk.

I should clarify that I don't think every author has the time to respond to everyone who comes to their blog when they hit the big time or have a large fan base. It would be ridiculous to assume a busy author (as if we're all not busy) has time to stop by each of their commenter's blogs. But lets face it, not all of us are at that point and if we can fit in our own self-promotional blogs than we should take a few extra hours to blog visit those outside our circle who have made an effort to support us.

Make the time! Don't just spam everyone on your social network to get visitors and then don't acknowledge or reciprocate. It disgusts me, it is rude, and it will no longer go unpunished by me. I will make a special point to unfollow, to return books, to not purchase books, of those who are openly all about self.

As I mentioned, we are all guilty of it, myself included. I get bogged down by life and I can't always respond to everyone, which I hate. I constantly notice something WAAAAAYYY after the fact. But I do accept network invitations, I do try to comment on those who have commented for me and I do try to respond to every email I receive despite the fact that I am busy, and I think because of that, people see that I HAVE tried, whereas most...don't bother.

Being an Author means being a bit self-centered, granted. But we should all do our best to even out the karma.

All my best to everyone!

This post is subject to the contest. Those responding will be entered.

**disclaimer on all typos due to circumstances well within my control but outside of my ambition.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 2! Week 1 Winner and Amended Rules.

The first week's winner was Jen. An entry gained from facebook!

Originally I was going to throw away all the entries and start new every week. I have decided to just add more each week and those who visit and make a comment will get one entry per week in addition to their former non-winning entry.

You are not entered per comment, just one comment per week. Hope that makes sense, I'm still in lack of sleep mode from the puppy. (Like having a newborn without the emotional perks. lol)

I will be sending out Jen's copy today and making a post for new comments tonight or tomorrow, though you can comment on this post as well to enter if you wish.

Congrats again to Jen!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Free Copy Of From The Ruins!

Everyone has their contests for free books and I've decided I don't want to be left out of the loop or seen as a stingy writer.

With that in mind, I'm starting a contest, which is really more along the lines of a raffle. Why? Because I'm pretty much drawing a name out of a hat. I'm going to put the names of those who leave a comment on my blog each week in June in a hat and draw a name.

This will reset each week and the winners will be announced on Sunday or Monday. UNLESS I get very few entries. Then I will be bunching all of the weeks together and announcing two winners for the month of June.

Your comments do not have to be anything specific or singing my praises (although, if you really wanna...) all you need to do is make sure I have your name and your email address to be included in the drawing.

One entry does not carry you through the entire month, just that week. (Again, unless the entries are few) I will try to think of awesome topics so when you come here, you have something to actually comment on! lol

As I am busy writing 4 novellas and editing my full length novel, my blog can feel a little empty. I'm sure it feels quite abandoned.

Hopefully this contest will inspire me to appear more.

All my best and good luck,
Allure Van Sanz