Sunday, November 15, 2009

Part Of The Job?

Headaches...migraines, tired eyes. Oh my.

I write on average 2k a day give or take. I know I could do better if I pushed harder but lately even the 2k has been hard for me to do. I was supposed to have my Young Adult novel done by the end of October and here it is middle of November and it still isn't finished. I'm unhappy about that but I was constantly running into problems.

My head wasn't cooperating. I became despondant thinking that my Fibro condition was worsening and what constant migraines would mean for my career if I could only write 4k a week!...when I found myself squinting.

Yup, squinting...a lot. When I watched TV, when I played games and when I drove at night.

I had even reported to my doctor "these aren't my usual migraines" but he just told me it was stress or tension headaches. Yeah, stress on the eyeballs pal!

I finally decided it was time to go to the eye doctor. What could it hurt?

Other than my pocket book? Nothing.

Turns out I need glasses. The amount of money I paid for the cheapest lens (plastic) is mind-boggling. Oh and clearly I need to be a frame designer so I can make millions off the visual disabilities of others. Sheesh! So much for that Christmas present I was going to buy myself. ::sigh:: I guess the Craig Horner drool fest will have to happen at a later date or when the first season of Legend of the Seeker goes on sale.

Now I have to ask, because like all women to varying degrees who wear glasses I wonder... do I look like Lisa Loeb?