Saturday, May 28, 2011

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a topic that can frighten and inspire at the same time. With me today to talk about this disease is Lindsay Klug! Thank you for talking with us today, Lindsay.

If you look to your left or right at any given moment in a public place, chances are you’ll find someone who’s been affected by breast cancer.

And affected by doesn’t necessarily mean fought or currently fighting it. My mother-in-law and grandmother are both survivors, and their lives are an inspiration to me every day. But they were not the only ones affected by the disease.

We must also consider the families. Oftentimes, children are forced to sit by as their mothers (or fathers) battle through breast cancer. They watch as their beloved parent gradually loses their hair to the therapy, or is forced to undergo an invasive procedure. They are helpless to ease the painful aftereffects of chemotherapy, when a person is left so weakened they can barely lift their heads to drink.
Breast cancer is a disease often overlooked or taken lightly until it hits one we love or ourselves. It is a non-discriminating disease, affecting both men and women. And it can be fatal.

The best prevention is self exams. This concept is ground into us from our teens, and yet most women (and men) don’t think to do self exams but maybe twice a year, if that.

Think of it this way: Looking both ways before you cross a street can save your life. If you’re willing to take three seconds to do that every time you have to walk somewhere, why not take ten minutes a month to be the first step in preventative health care?

Save the ta-ta’s, folks.

Thanks, Lindsay! Sound advice.
Breast Cancer Research Foundation <~~~~Donation Link

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Debbie Laurie said...

This one Cause has a special place in My Familys Heart. I donate every year to it. I just bought two pink braclets that say I LOVE BOOBIES.. In honor of my Grandma in heaven & Aunt who is a survivor!!! Allure THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO.... Plus I just had my test done and I'm a lucky one everything turned out OK... TG.. :O) Thanks, Honey your AWESOME.... Love ME.

AllureVanSanz said...

Thanks for coming by, Debbie! I was holding my breath with you, waiting for your results. I had a similar scare a few years ago. Waiting is agonizing!



Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

You do so much and I will RT all day and repost on Facebook too...*S*
Thank you for all that you do!


helen said...

I've known many people with breast cancer and all but two have beat it... It was so hard to deal with one was a friend and one was my aunt.. Wouldnt wish this upon anyone... My thoughts and prayers are with anyone and everyone suffering with cancer...

Fiona McGier said...

I've gotten a "smash and flash" every year since I turned 39. I check mine every month. Sometimes I worry that the x-rays are harmful, but by and large, if I can do this thing once a year, I think it's worth it.

I also have known many strong women who have fought the good fight against this pernicious killer. Some have prevailed, many times, but some eventually succumbed. I salute them all, and thanks for the attention to this worthy cause.