Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday July 10th

You can find links to all of the excerpts from other wonderful Six Sentence authors HERE!

Scene SETUP: Meet Grey. He's Vic's best friend, and he's just walked in on a very wrinkled Vic, after his visit from Gato and the sumo. Grey has just figured out the super of the building had to be the one to open his mouth about Vic's whereabouts. Vic is listening to Grey storm down the hall. (Taken from the 0.99 novel Murder Creek available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble)

He heard shouting and splintering wood as Grey’s voice boomed down the hall, the sentences broken up with the sound of frying pan against skull. “…ever say a word again…” Bong “…saw your legs off while ya watch…” Bong “Are those…burritos?”

One more thunk preceded the clang of Grey’s weapon dropping to the floor, and seconds later, he reappeared in Vic’s apartment with a burrito in each hand. He held one out to Vic.

“Grey, you shouldn’t get inv-“

“Shut up and eat your burrito.”