Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Awareness

May 12th is Fibromyalgia Awareness day. It's a day that is very important to me, since I was diagnosed a little over three years ago. I'd never heard of the condition before, and I was very angry when I was given the label, as it is only given to people who test negative for everything else. I was angry. I wanted answers. I wanted someone in a lab coat working tirelessly to find a cause for what was happening to me, a test that could confirm what was happening to me, and dammit--find a cure! Fix me!

Every day for the first six months after my diagnosis, I was convinced the doctors diagnosed me wrong. No one can feel this much pain and not be dying. I lamented. I withdrew. I cried every night feeling sorry for myself.

I'll talk more about what pulled me out of my funk on my Noble blog post on May 11th, but suffice it to say, there were a few other factors leading to my rise from pain into a world where I'm going for it! Living my life, bettering my existence.

One of those inspiring factors was a commercial for St. Jude's.

How dare I sit here, having lived over thirty years, experiencing the world, traveling, loving, having a child...and feeling sorry for myself when children are dying. Children!

I knew such shame. Shame on me for focusing on myself and my sore knees and migraines and...Okay, I have a right to lament and fight for Fibro Awareness and research--but my condition is not the only one out there. I don't want to just fight for one cause, I want to fight for as many as I can. But how?

Not having a cape or special powers...here's my plan. May is going to be Awareness month here. Not just Fibro, but any cause. I want to help shed light on conditions and/or diseases that might not get attention very often, and even the big ones that need more and more funding because of just how many people suffer.

I'm asking YOU, to send me an email at authorallurevansanz (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me about a cause you'd like to see receive some Awareness! If you'd like to do the write up for it with a personal story, I'm all for that, too. (You can remain anon if you like.)

Every weekend in May, I will be posting a blog on a Random cause (drawn from the hatbox), complete with a link to a charity tied with the cause for donations. I encourage everyone to donate, and I personally will be making a 20.00 donation to each winning charity.

To draw people to the blog for Awareness, every weekend starting May 6th, I'll be picking winners for free ebooks, free Allure Van Sanz T-shirts, and 10.00 Amazon gift cards.

Side Note: At the end of May, the causes that were not selected will still have their day. Their donation links will be posted--complete with a paragraph description--on the last day winners are announced for the gift certificate prizes.

Let's help spread the knowledge this May and help raise money for the greater good.

Thank you so very much for coming to read and get more details on Project Awareness.

FELLOW AUTHORS: If you'd like to donate an ebook for the weekend give-aways, please send me an email with the book title you'll be giving away.

All my best to you!


desere_steenberg said...

Allure I have never heard of this disease but I wish you all of the very best with it I hope you will be ok and may God help you with everything thank you for sharing and making me aware of this!

Take Care

Kallysten said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Margie Church said...

Allure, I'd love to donate an autographed print copy of my nursery rhyme First Spring.

AllureVanSanz said...

Margie, you're the best! You and Kally and David just jumped right one to help me, and I can't begin to tell you all...what that really means to me, and to the causes that will be supported here throughout May.

So far I've heard some heartbreaking stories, and some real triumphs. And I'm at a loss to accurately express just how I'm feeling right now.

Desere...thank you so much for your well wishing. You're always so generous with your thoughts. You are truly appreciated.


Susan said...

I too have fibromyalsia and have been co-existing with it for over 20 years now.

I love what you are doing here - there are so many great causes out there - it is hard to pick just a few.

Regina Richards said...

I was told by a doc I had both IBS and Fibromyalgia. I spent decades attempting to fight the pain with massage and over-the-counter pain meds.

Finally I went to a better doc who set me up on a eating program designed to find out if a food was causing my problems. Bingo. I stopped eating stuff my body was allergic to and the IBS and Fibromyalgia disappeared. No more pain.

I feel for all who remain in pain because their aiolments have no cure or, like mine, were misdiagnosed.

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with fibroymyalgia about two and a half years ago. That, combined with severe problems with my feet, made it imporssible to continue teaching. Recently, I leaned I also have hypothyrodism. The medication for that combined with one for fibro has made my life 60% better. Contact me if you want more information. You never know; it might help you too.

Bonnie Ferrante

AllureVanSanz said...

Thank you, Susan! I'm sorry you're a sufferer. I hope one day you find yourself pain-free.

Hi, Regina! I do think Fibro has a lot of different factors and severities, which is why research is so very important. I know diet and exercise worked wonders for me, but doesn't take the headaches or random areas of pain away. I'm so glad you were able to get out from under a bad diagnosis.

Thanks for stopping by Bonnie. Unfortunately for me, I cannot take medications due to a chemical sensitivity. You're gracious in your offer to help out, providing information, and I truly appreciate you stopping by.

I hope to see all of you again in May for the giveaways and charities.

All my best,