Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Murder Creek is on Amazon!

Murder Creek is now available on Amazon, and soon to follow on Nook. Below is the blurb for the book.

Consummate assassin, Victor Ramsus Graves, can’t help but wonder if there’s anyone on the planet that isn’t trying to put a bullet through his brainpan.

From the moment he’s mysteriously booted out of prison, bullets and bad guys come at him from every direction, hunting for a piece of his Italian ass like it’s coated in oxycontin. But when he meets his biggest adversary, Ice, he starts thinking about giving her more than a piece of it. She might want to kill him, but if he can get her in the sack before she gets a good shot, he’ll die happy.

Between the punks that have taken over his city in his absence, his uncontrollable ‘Shadow-jumping’ habit that tosses him in random places, and the pseudo-government operation Ice works for molding together hybrid humans, Vic’s life is as screwy as a Japanese game show. By his estimation, he’ll either go down in the name of thug science or get shot to death by the sexiest weapon alive. Either way, he’s going to bring the whole damned city down with him.

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