Thursday, March 17, 2011

Story Behind The Story

About ten to twelve years ago, I met Random Wicks in an AOL chat room designed for role players. The idea behind the rooms were; you created a character and interacted with other characters by typing out actions (inside double colons, like so -- ::grins:: )and adding dialog (outside of the colons, like so -- ::smiles:: Hi there.).

The play could get a little confusing, as medieval warriors interacted with modern day cowboys, but the improvised stories were so much fun overlooking character differences became the normal.

Random and I originally started a long story line with two contemporary characters. His, was a "family" hitman named Victor, and my character was a technologically savvy assassin. Our made up city was titled Neuhaven with an inner city named Murder Creek.

The world was born.

Over the years, it's changed quite a bit from our original intention, as the publishing industry dictated to us what they liked and didn't like, but in the end, no one but the readers seemed happy. LOL

Instead of make additional changes for a potential contract, we thought we'd move on to another project and set this one aside. But we love it. It's a little violent for a romance, it's a little too romantic for an Urban Fantasy, and no one seems to know where they'd put it on the shelf. We can certainly understand that, since we didn't write the story with a particular genre in mind. We just wrote for fun. The love of the story! But maybe this story wasn't meant for the shelf, maybe--just maybe--it was meant for the virtual library.

Why waste a story (which will have sequels if the response is good) on my PC? It's there, the BETA readers loved it--hey, why not?

So Random and I put together a cover, and tossed it up on Amazon, and in the next few days, it will go on sale. A full-length, action-packed, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance novel for .99 cents.

I hope you'll consider giving it a read. I'll let ya'll know when it's a go!

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