Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 2! Week 1 Winner and Amended Rules.

The first week's winner was Jen. An entry gained from facebook!

Originally I was going to throw away all the entries and start new every week. I have decided to just add more each week and those who visit and make a comment will get one entry per week in addition to their former non-winning entry.

You are not entered per comment, just one comment per week. Hope that makes sense, I'm still in lack of sleep mode from the puppy. (Like having a newborn without the emotional perks. lol)

I will be sending out Jen's copy today and making a post for new comments tonight or tomorrow, though you can comment on this post as well to enter if you wish.

Congrats again to Jen!



Caffey said...

Hi Allure! Would love to be in your contest for IN THE RUINS! Too going to make sure I got you on my Facebook. I love to watch for updates there and on your blog which now I have in my reader! Have a great weekend!

AllureVanSanz said...

Thanks Caffey!

Will enter you for sure.