Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Handling Gwen Sold!

No longer the one ebook wonder, I sold Handling Gwen to Noble Romance. The contract goes out tomorrow, so I have no real details to hand out yet, but I will sneak in the blurb.

From The Ruins contest is over and done and the final two winners were Patti S. And Stephanie with an E.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated and hope those who didn't win will still give my book a try!

As promised, here is the new erotic blurb for Handling Gwen :

New to the teaching staff, young Mr. Pierce has a problem. One of his senior students is trying to seduce him, and to make matters worse, he wants her to. Gwen is the type of woman who takes what she wants and he admires that. Unfortunately she decides to take…pictures. In a moment of weakness, he falls prey to her wicked ways and is horrified when he hears the telling “click” of her cell phone. Now, it is up to him to save his career and take control of the situation by Handling Gwen.

All my best!

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