Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty cover!

Noble Romance is putting out a series of short stories under the title Love Revisited involving characters from previously published books. I'm taking part in the fun by revisiting Jenova and Davit from my first published book, From The Ruins.

The original book covers Davit's ritualistic claiming of his chosen mate in front of his ghostly tribe, but in this follow-up, it's Jenova who decides to take charge. Let me give you a taste of what's to come.

Quick Excerpt from Love Revisited: Davit and Jenova

“Take him. Now.”

Davit’s eyes narrowed, his mouth forming a question he didn’t get a chance to voice.

The tribal women appeared, one at each of his flailing appendages as they bravely grabbed his ankles and wrists and held them down on the altar. Two other women appeared at Jenova’s side, and she held out her arms, allowing them to finish undressing her as the last woman walked around Davit and secured his arms and legs to the holes in the stone slab with leather straps and bone pins.

“What the fuck? Jen—what—”

His head tilted awkwardly up from the stone, turning to watch her as the women at her sides dabbed scented water on her shoulders, arms, between her generous breasts and down a path toward her shorts. She kept her eyes on Davit through the duration of her preparation. He looked so sexy struggling against his bonds, calling for the women to come undo him…commanding it really.

She saw the fear in her friends’ faces.

“He will not harm you,” Jenova whispered to the women. “Though he speaks in anger, soon his temper will be cooled.” Dark faces turned to each other, the group searching for one among them who believed a word she said. None of them found the security they were looking for. She chuckled. “All right. Leave us. Help the others keep the tribe bound.”

The women nodded and faded into the landscape, becoming part of it.

“Jen. Release me.” Davit growled.

He wasn’t happy, and she couldn’t blame him really. She remembered well what it felt like to be held down, unsure of what was to come. She’d been terrified, and secretly thrilled. This time, the unknown was for him to experience. Though she knew he wasn’t terrified. Instead, he looked quite pissed.

Well he’d get over it…

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Cara Marsi said...

Great cover and great excerpt. I love the idea of Love Revisited.