Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Ten Loop Annoyances

While talking about Loop Pet Peeves with a few friends, I decided to compile a list and post it for everyone else to get a laugh out of...or, if you're anything like me, see things I do that made the list.

I swear I think four of these were added specifically for me by my..."friends". ::Eyes them.:: I'm onto you.

We all do something some people hate, that's why most people go digest. LOL

Instead of go straight down from 10-1 I put letters next to them so you can pick your own top 10.

Personally I would like to add Looooong paragraphs, and bright pink fonts to the list, but they didn't make the cut. (I think F,D,&C are references to me! Bitches. LOL)

My List Goes from Bottom to top: C, D, F, E, G, J, B, H, A, and OMG I hate the Doomsayers, so my #1 is I! Though it is pretty close with people who can't spell at all, especially if I'm referring to someone on a WRITERS LOOP.

Okay, onto the list! Would love to hear the order you hate them in and anything in addition that drives you nuts.


Top Ten Most Annoying Loop Offenses: (Put them in your own order.)

A- People who can't spell. I'm not talking typos here, because we all get them. But if you're spelling "genuine article" ginnuwen arctical" you better be a five year old.

B- People who respond to a question with: "I don't know" or any variation. If the answer to the question is not in your post, don't post it!

C- Congratulations, Thank Yous, You're Welcomes and other one-liner fluff. We always want to encourage people who are on the right track or doing something that's fabulous. But take it from someone who has been away for a day and come back to 1000 emails. 75% of them are usually one-liners.

D- People who know everything (just ask them) but say nothing. No matter what the topic is, they have something to say on it and know someone who has been through it but they don't remember how they overcame it.

E- Attachments/.gifs/.jpgs that have nothing to do with the topic, just something you keep on there that gums up my loading time or freaks out my spam filter.

F- The personal health updater. No matter what the topic is, they always manage to slip in their illness, the illness of their children and their children's children. Unless you are talking to a loop of intimate friends or a loops specifically designed for the illness you refer to, don't bring it up. 1000 people who barely know you might not care that you passed a kidney stone early morning.

G- The TMI group. They talk sex when they shouldn't, crack jokes whenever they feel like it, sometimes with a small disclaimer so they can feel justified. They talk about their panties bunching or their diarrhea episode at work. Who wants to know that?

H- Blatant self-promotion. Some of us join loops to promote a product and that's fine but when you answer an off topic question or respond with support for a tragedy or bad news, promoting shouldn't be at the top of your list. "I'm so sorry to hear your dog, Skippy, died last night. I wrote about pets dying in my blog at:

I- The Doomsayer. You ask a question and their response resembles something like: "This happen to my cousin and she lost everything! I hope this doesn't happen to you."

J- The Spammer. Whether it is someone peddling a product or worse yet, someone who answers every loop topic in order of succession. When I sign on and have 15-20 emails from the same person right in a row, I delete them all.


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

I'm guilty of many of the above--but I'm with you on the doomsayers, the blatant self-promo, and the TMI crowd!

Stephani Hecht said...

I am so guilty of the one line responses. What I hate on the loops is all the promos. It has made it so the groups aren't even fun anymore. Just today I was at an author chat and someone butted in with their own promo and then left without so much as a thank you or goodbye.

grbretz said...

Thanks for the lesson in netiquette. (Did I spell that correctly?) I'm new to the discussion loops, but I'm proud that most of your list seemed like common sense (and common decency) to me.
As for the one-liners; guilty as charged. I'll have to watch that in the future.

grbretz said...

Oops. I just thought of one more annoyance; one that I've been guilty of. On several occasions I left a comment on someone's blog, then went back to the group and left a reply telling said someone that I had left a comment.
In retrospect, that seems a bit redundant.

Bryl R. Tyne said...

Interesting post, Allure. I agree with you on most points, but will elaborate with my personal thoughts:
(btw, this is my list in order 1-10)

H: Totally agree. Pathetic hitchhikers.
F: Who the fuck cares?
B: Wannabes.
E: Pointless, over 1/2 the groups don't allow attachments anyway.
G: Yes, personal issues and sexual experiences, I often find putrid. But talk dirty to me anytime, please.
D: If you don't have a solution, just shut the fuck up.
A: Okay. One that I don't agree with you wholeheartedly. I try to takes into consideration culture and language barriers.
I: Consider the source and steer clear.
J: That's why they created the DELETE key
C: Sometimes we need those pithy lines of encouragement. As an affirmation seeker and author, I know, I do.


AllureVanSanz said...

Gods! Honestly I'm guilty of almost every one of these "infractions" personally. Especially the one where I complain about my Fibro...all the time! Haha.

Honestly, I let most things roll off my back but a few days ago when I was cranky and talking about this, I could have probably come up with top 20!

Thanks for the responses and if you see something you do on here, you're not alone, you're in my boat.


Ava March said...

Oh, the pink text is right up there on my list of peeves, along with backgrounds on e-mails. Who needs the colored background on an e-mail???

Blantant whoring is probably tops on my list of annoyances. If all you ever do is pimp your books and you never so much as say hello to everyone on the loop, then I likely will never read your books because all you've done is annoy me. We're authors - I understand we all need to do a bit of whoring. But at least say hello before you hike up your skirt. ;)

Jenna Byrnes said...

I agree with your list, but sometimes I feel guilty if I don't chime in with a pithy one liner- everyone else is saying "congratulations" or whatever, I think I probably should, too.

I get comments on my blog from people who are simply promoting their own stuff- do they think they're being sneaky or something? Sheesh! LOL

Great post, Allure.